Luxury Van Bathrooms

Starting at $14,999

Our company started on the premise that everyone should be able to use the restroom conveniently and comfortably wherever they are, all the time. One of our top selling conversions is also one of our simplest. We’ve perfected the on-the-road bathroom experience and streamlined our processes to give you the best value possible. Today, our vans with restrooms are unmatched in quality and value.


Convenience for families, travelers, & professionals

Every van we build is manufactured with ultimate simplicity and function in mind. Our bathroom van conversions are ideal for families, long-distance travelers, business travel, mobile office setups, everyday usage, and more. Every bathroom van conversion includes:

  • Low maintenance cassette-style toilet - can be emptied in any normal toilet

  • Pocket-style door

  • Ventilation

  • Storage area

  • Stability/grab bar

  • Optional sink

  • Wide variety of storage and lighting options

hassle-free toilet that’s built to last

We install Thetford toilet systems that include:

  • Bench style cassette toilet

  • LED level indicator that can be installed on the left or the right

  • Electric push button for adding water to the bowl

  • Waste holding tank comes with wheels and retractable handle

  • Automatic pressure release vent ensures the waste tank is ventilated, avoiding excessive pressure

  • Filling funnel for the fresh water tank

  • Removable seat and cover for easy cleaning

  • Waste tank capacity: 5.1 gal. (19.3L)

  • Flush water tank capacity: 4 gal. (15L)

  • Waste holding tank comes with integrated no-splash pour spout

Cartridge toilet Freedom Conversions

Elegance in Freedom Conversions bathroom

Luxury meets value

Premium features and technology that work well don’t have to come at a high price. We’ve streamlined our bathroom van conversions to keep costs and turnaround time low. Prices start at $14,999 and most builds are completed in a matter of weeks, not months. Additionally, our customer service is top-notch. We go above and beyond for all of our customers to make sure that your specific needs are met to the best of our abilities and more.