Road trips, whether they’re just a few minutes or days on end, can be inconvenient and leave you feeling insecure. Restroom breaks on the road and sitting for long hours can turn a trip into something you dread. We believe things should be different. Our travel van gives you the comfort and safety you want when you’re on the road. Whether you’re an individual looking for a better option or a large family that needs the convenience of a bathroom on the road, our vans are the perfect solution for the best road trip vehicle.

Luxury Conversion Vans for Sale in Packages that Won’t Break the Bank

Travel Light Starting at $14,999*

Go anywhere and go anywhere. Your traveling experience will be radically changed when you have a bathroom on the road wherever you go.

  • Bring your own van chassis (we can help you find one for an additional fee)

  • No major floor plan changes

  • Options Include:

    • Bathroom - Easy to clean, cartridge-style toilet that does not require a dump station, power sliding door, mirror, ventilation, LED lighting, sink, and storage.

    • Additional options available

Pricing varies depending on the chassis you choose. For detailed pricing, schedule your free design consult.

*Buildout only.

Travel Premium $49,999*

Just like the Travel Light package, but with a few upgrades for added comfort and luxury.

  • Bring your own van chassis (we can help you find one for an additional fee)

  • Options Include:

    • Bathroom

    • Captains chairs

    • Custom interior configuration

    • Custom upholstery

    • Storage

    • Cup holders

    • Custom wheels and tires

    • Additional options available and some can be removed

Pricing varies depending on the chassis you choose. For detailed pricing, schedule your free design consult.

*Buildout only.

FUll Custom

Need something special? We can help. Our custom tailgating van option is designed for anyone who needs a unique solution with ultimate value.

Ways we can help you include:

  • Advice. Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to purchasing a Sprinter travel van, or something similar. We can make sure you get off on the right foot when it comes to designing your perfect custom van.

  • Finding the perfect van chassis

  • Exploring creative solutions for your specific needs

  • Delivering your van

  • You name it…we’d love to speak with you about your needs and we’ll do our best to build the perfect van for you or point you in the right direction

Build your customized tailgating van today by scheduling a free design consultation.

How a Custom Travel Van Changed Margaret’s Life


Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Family Road Trip Vehicle

Give everyone their own seat - Captains chairs for every member of your family are a must. They cut down on arguing over who has the best seat and they keep everyone’s hands to themselves.

  1. Have excellent entertainment options - When children get bored, things go downhill fast. Make sure your vehicle has entertainment options, such as a built-in TV and power outlets for keeping those handheld devices charged.

  2. Get a bathroom on the road - Potty breaks take a long time with passengers, especially young ones. Keep your crew happy on the road by driving a van with a bathroom in it.

  3. Avoid stopping - Frequent stops at gas station restrooms and gift shops can add hours to a trip. Minimize stops by having a well-stocked snack drawer, drinks, cup holders, and potty options for everyone while on the road.

  4. Make it comfortable for everyone - Cozy lighting, powerful passenger climate control, and adjustable window shades will give you and all of your passengers a safe, comfortable ride.

Freedom Conversions can make your next road trip the best you’ve ever had. Our custom travel vans adhere to all of the tips above and more. Learn how you can get on the road with comfort, convenience, and safety on the forefront. Schedule your free, no-pressure consultation with one of our friendly design experts today.