Imagine it’s Saturday afternoon and kickoff is in four hours. You’re on your way to your favorite parking spot. It’s scorching hot outside with a chance of rain. Setting up your portable grill and tent is going to be a hassle. You don’t even have a television to watch while you grill. You might miss the kickoff. Your family is crowded in your SUV and you’re wishing you had something more comfortable that would allow everyone to have a great time no matter what the weather is like that would give you the freedom to do tailgating with ease. There’s finally a solution.

Freedom Conversions builds custom vans for the professional tailgater.

Sprinter Van Conversion Packages for an Incredible Game Day Experience

Tailgating Light Starting at $23,999*

Get to the game in style and convenience. Become the ultimate host and the envy of every tailgater.

  • Bring your own van chassis (we can help you find one for an additional fee)

  • No major floor plan changes

  • Options Include:

    • Bathroom - Easy to clean, cartridge-style toilet that does not require a dump station, power sliding door, mirror, ventilation, LED lighting, sink, and storage.

    • Outside television & rear entertainment package with optional satellite connectivity

    • Awning

    • Always-on rear-view monitors

    • Running boards & step bars

    • Additional options available

Pricing varies depending on the chassis you choose. For detailed pricing, schedule your free design consult.

*Buildout only.

Tailgating Premium $69,999*

There is no comparison. This package is designed for those who want to go all-in for their team and for their friends. Enjoy the very best tailgating experience with all the right features.

  • Bring your own van chassis (we can help you find one for an additional fee)

  • Options Include:

    • Bathroom (same as above)

    • Outside television & rear entertainment package

    • Awning

    • Always-on rear-view monitors

    • Running boards & step bars

    • Interior package (walls, blinds, floors, interior lighting)

    • Table

    • Custom captain’s chairs or benches

    • Refrigerator

    • Cooler

    • Roof racks and ladder

    • Power package with 120v outlets and USB

    • Wireless satellite

    • Drink holders

    • Premium A/C and heating

    • Optional custom exterior graphic wrap (showcase your favorite team)

    • Options custom embroidery

    • Additional options available and some may be removed as needed

Pricing varies depending on the chassis you choose. For detailed pricing, schedule your free design consult.

*Buildout only.


Need something special? We can help. Our custom tailgating van option is designed for anyone who needs a unique solution with ultimate value.

Ways we can help you include:

  • Advice. Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to purchasing a Sprinter tailgating van, or something similar. We can make sure you get off on the right foot when it comes to designing your perfect custom van.

  • Finding the perfect van chassis

  • Exploring creative solutions for your specific needs

  • Delivering your van

  • You name it…we’d love to speak with you about your needs and we’ll do our best to build the perfect van for you or point you in the right direction

Build your customized tailgating van today by scheduling a free design consultation.

Top 5 Differences Between Van Conversions and RVs

Making the most of game day weekend is all about letting loose and enjoying the experience. For many committed tailgaters, RVs have been the only option available. Here are some of the major differences between traditional recreational vehicles and conversion vans for tailgaters.

  1. RVs are more expensive - The average cost of a traditional motor home, an RV you can drive, is about $100,000. To keep costs and weight low, RV manufacturers often use sub-premium materials. RVs also require storage facilities, sun protection, frequent maintenance, and some place to dump sewage. When you add all of this up, RVs are costly. On the other hand, the entry cost for a Freedom Conversions tailgating van is about $23,999 plus the cost of your chassis. Our conversion vans are built with the highest-quality materials and will last for the long haul with minimal maintenance. As just one huge benefit, our vans feature a cartridge-style bathroom which means you don’t have to find a dump station.

  2. Drive and park most places with ease - The majority of the conversion chassis that we work with are capable of going more places than a Class C or larger RV can go. For example, the Mercedes 144 low roof chassis without roof-mounted A/C can easily fit in an average parking garage space or go through a drive-thru.

  3. Usability - Many people complain about the functionality of some of the features in a traditional RV. Things seem great when you buy an RV may not actually ever get utilized. The relatively smaller footprint of a conversion van forces people to maximize space and, in turn, each feature has extreme usefulness. In short, you get the stuff you need.

  4. Value - Conversion vans hold their value. Our vans are produced with extreme attention to detail and we make sure that quality comes first in all of our builds. When you couple that with our ability to keep costs low through efficient manufacturing processes, RVs don’t even come close to making as much financial sense as a Freedom Conversions van.

  5. Industry-leading service - From the moment you schedule a free consultation with us to the time you see your new van, our customer service is truly a white glove experience. We’ll help you navigate making the best decision while putting your needs first always. We go the extra mile for all of our customers before, during, and after each project.

Ready to see why Freedom Conversions is your one-stop-shop for your favorite tailgating upgrade? Schedule your free consultation today to start configuring your van.