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Camper Van

Feature-rich, rugged, outdoor-ready 4x4 van and 4x2 van options with upgraded suspension, premium wheels, entertainment, connectivity, and all of the trimmings to make your home on the road everything you need and more for your next adventure. Start building your camper van now by scheduling a free design consultation.

Travel van - Bathroom in Van

Travel Van

Our travel vans are built for maximum value, luxury, and convenience. All of our vans are backed by industry-leading support. Traveling with a bathroom makes all the difference for cross-country road trips or for everyday driving. Our travel vans are unlike anything else you’ve ever driven. Click here to schedule your free design consultation.

Custom Van - Freedom Conversions

Custom Van

High-quality features, a simple ordering process, and excellent support for prices that can’t be beat. Our custom vans can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our tailgating vans will take your team spirit to the next level. Freedom Conversions is the only company of its kind that specializes in building vans for those who have medical needs and require dependable access to a restroom while on the road. We even do fully custom van builds. Whatever you require in your custom van build, we can help. Schedule your free, no-obligation design consultation here.


Free Ebook

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Conversion Vans for Sale

This educational reference book was written for van shoppers at any stage in their journey. Whether you’re just beginning to explore purchasing a conversion van or you’re an experienced do-it-yourself guru who is looking for a leg up, this guide will give you the current insights into how to approach making a sound van purchase.

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Conversion Vans for Sale

Video: The Freedom Conversions Story

Clint Drawdy, one of our founders, and his family were on vacation in 2013 when Clint’s wife Jennifer suffered from intestinal twisting and required emergency surgery. Jennifer was no longer able to travel long distances with ease. The Drawdys were forever changed. Clint and Jennifer searched for a solution that would allow their whole family to get on the road again. That’s when Freedom Conversions was born.

Speed & Value in Your Van Conversion

Every van we build is crafted with value and speed in mind. We specialize in upfitting the Mercedes Sprinter van and others. Our unique process puts customer service at the forefront, meaning you get to enjoy your conversion van with less time waiting and fewer headaches at a lower cost. We are proudly located in Jacksonville, FL with customers across the United States and Canada. Freedom Conversions is van living made simple. Visit our blog to see what makes us different.

Custom Van Near Me

We are located in Jacksonville, FL and we work with people from all over North America. We work with every customer to meet their unique logistics needs.

Fast Conversion Van - Freedom Conversions
Van with bathroom - Freedom Conversions
Van lighting - Freedom Conversions
Conversion Van Table - Freedom Conversions

Freedom Conversions Founders in Jacksonville, FL

Our Core Values Drive Us

Value - We believe owning a van that can be driven anywhere for any reason is not just for the wealthy. From manufacturing to service and everything in between, we keep our costs low so that your costs stay lower than any of our competitors in side-by-side comparisons without sacrificing quality.

  • Speed - We are faster. The industry standard time-frame for delivery for a custom conversion van is between six and twelve months. Our average fulfillment time is three to six months.

  • Simplicity - All of our vans are designed to be easy to use and reliable. We believe that our vans should be as simple to use as a common SUV.

  • Quality - If something is built well, it’s safer and will last a long time. Plus, quality means comfort. We do not skimp on quality from the components we install to the service we give you before, during, and long after your van is completed. That’s why we are big advocates of the Mercedes Sprinter chassis.

  • Integrity - We strive to be the best in our industry. We will work hard to do what is right if we ever fall short of your expectations at any point in your relationship with us.

If you can dream it we can build it no matter who you are or what your specific needs may be. Contact us today if you need mobility, functionality, reliability in your conversion van build without breaking the bank.

Conversion Van Build Process

Select Your Primary Use - We’ve discovered that most of our customers fall into one of the following categories: Tailgating, Adventure, Travel, Medical, or Full Custom.

  1. Choose Your Package - Each primary use has simple package options associated with it. Our packages are designed with consideration given to production speed, quality of components, and overall value for our customers. Packages make our process simple for you and keep costs low.

  2. Choose Your Mercedes Sprinter - You can save money by locating your van, but we can help if desired. We strongly encourage our customers to build exclusively on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis because it is the most reliable, longest lasting, highest-value vehicle of its kind on the market and it typically costs nearly the same as the Ford Transit 4x4 or Dodge Promaster. Schedule a free consult to learn more about the different chassis options that we recommend.

  3. Personalize your build - Our design consultant will guide you through choosing colors and certain features that will make your van build uniquely yours.

  4. Delivery - You can expect your van to be ready for pickup in less time than other custom van upfitters.

Freedom Conversions Vans in a Row

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