Frequently Asked Questions

1. What finance options are available?

If the purchaser selects a new Sprinter Van and qualify they can get direct financing on the vehicle from Mercedes financing.  To be clear, this is for the vehicle only – not the conversion costs.

We work with each of our clients to help them find the best possible financing solutions possible.  We are consistently working with banking partners to find the best products.

2. What is the turn-around time once you begin the process?

Once the van is purchased the average turn-around is 3-6 months depending upon the scope of conversion.

3. What can be customized on the van?

Our packages include flooring, walls, bathroom, mirrors, handrails, shades, custom seats and covers, audio/visual, painting, wheels and tires, etc…

4. Can you choose a new or used model of a van?


5. Do you only customize Sprinter vans?

We are currently only customizing Sprinter vans but will likely begin production of the Ford Transit and the Dodge Promaster soon.

6. Can you rent or lease the van?

No.  Our vans are for sale.

7. Will you customize the van I already own?

Yes.  However, we have minimums for the work to be done.

8. How does the toilet work?

The toilet is a “cassette” style and has an electric fresh water pulse flush and a self-contained waste container.  It looks and feels much like a household toilet and the waste container is very easily removed and the waste is emptied into a standard indoor toilet.  There are no external fresh water or waste holding tanks (unlike a motorhome).  The whole idea is to have a simple, daily driving van and the toilet fits this vision.

9. What is the difference between an RV and a Freedom Conversions van?

Freedom Conversions mission is to help those people who would like or need a vehicle they can drive every day that has a bathroom.  Whether that is a busy family that would like the safety and convenience of a private bathroom or someone that has digestive challenges and needs the vehicle for quality of life reasons.  Freedom vans certainly travel well but are not designed for sleeping, showering or preparing meals.  The toilet was chosen so that anyone could handle the waste simply and easily in their home bathroom and not need to find a “dump” location like a RV.