Discover the Freedom Conversions difference. Our commitment to fast van upfitting, quality components, and industry-leading customer service make us the best value van conversion company in North America. We take conversion van camper design to a whole new level with maximum value in mind.

4x2 and 4x4 Van Packages for the Ultimate Adventure

Camper Van Freedom Conversions

Camper Light - Starting at $15,999*

We’ve designed this package for the adventurer that’s looking to get on the road as efficiently as possible.

  • Bring your own van chassis (we can help you find one for an additional fee)

  • No major floor plan changes

  • Options Include:

    • Fixed rear platform bed with mattress

    • Portable power (generator or solar)

    • Basic roof rack

    • Awning

    • Nerf bars

    • Additional options available

Pricing varies depending on the chassis you choose. For detailed pricing, schedule your free design consult.

*Buildout only.

Camper Premium - Starting at $49,999*

For serious off-the-grid living, this full-featured setup is designed to keep you on (or off) the road for the long haul.

  • Bring your own van chassis (we can help you find one for an additional fee)

  • Options Include:

    • Full interior kit (floor, walls, ceiling, L-Track system, sound deadening, insulation, lighting)

    • Portable power (generator, solar, or both)

    • Electrical system and 120v outlets

    • A/C & heater

    • Adjustable bed platform with mattress

    • Additional seating and/or benches

    • Overhead storage (custom hard cabinets or bag-style storage system)

    • Galley with sink and burner

    • Refrigerator

    • Optional table

    • Optional bathroom

    • Optional hot water

    • Optional microwave

    • Custom exterior rack & ladder

    • Custom alloy wheels & tires (off-road optional)

    • Optional suspension upgrade

    • Custom exterior trim package (bumpers, nerf bars, paint)

    • Exterior lighting

    • Awning(s)

    • Optional always-on rearview camera system

    • Additional options available and some may be removed as needed

Pricing varies depending on the chassis you choose. For detailed pricing, schedule your free design consult.

*Buildout only.

Freedom Conversions Custom 4x4 Van

Freedom Conversions 4 wheel drive vans

Full Custom

Need something special? Want to move beyond the DIY camper van? We can help. Our custom van option is designed for anyone who needs a unique solution with ultimate value.

Ways we can help you include:

  • Advice. Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to purchasing a Sprinter 4x4 camper van, or something similar. We can make sure you get off on the right foot when it comes to designing your perfect custom van.

  • Finding the perfect van chassis

  • Exploring creative solutions for your specific needs

  • Delivering your van

  • You name it…we’d love to speak with you about your needs and we’ll do our best to build the perfect van for you or point you in the right direction

Build your customized van today by scheduling a free design consultation.

Outside Van Life Pros and Cons

Many people have dreamed of traveling wherever they wish and living in a van. Adventure-seekers, like Alex Honnold - the man who lives in a van and climbs massive rock walls with no ropes, are the sorts of people that tend to come to mind when people think of #vanlife. Freedom, adventure, flexibility, and low-costs have pushed outdoor enthusiasts to live more mobile lifestyles for decades. However, everyday people are choosing to pursue a life of mobility in van as advances in mobile technology and more efficient van builds become the norm. Here’s a list of pros and cons to consider if you’re thinking about living in a van:


  • It’s usually significantly cheaper than buying and living in a traditional home or RV

  • You can go wherever you want, especially if you have a flexible or mobile career

  • Freedom Conversions vans come with everything you need to eat, sleep, bathe, and stay connected while on the road

  • Most active people already spend the majority of their time outside of their home, so a switch to a smaller living space is not really a big deal

  • Living in a van can help the environment - a smaller, mobile footprint requires less land and resources to build and maintain which means more open spaces for future generations

  • There are fewer things to fix in a van when compared to a traditional home or RV


  • Mobile living doesn’t allow for as much storage as permanent living, so you’ll have to be efficient with your space

  • You will have to make compromises - vans simply will not come with the same amenities that you can get in a traditional home due to space...but they come pretty close

  • You will have to find a place to park your van - campgrounds, state and national parks, parking lots, and “guerrilla camping” spots are just some of the options available

  • You will have to service your van (at Freedom Conversions we help with that, plus the Mercedes Sprinter chassis is extremely reliable)

So what’s holding you back? Click here to schedule your free camper van or adventure van design consultation.

The Campervan Build Process

We take pride in making sure that every conversion van that we build is built to the highest standards in safety, reliability, convenience, and simplicity. Here’s our steps to building a camper van for you:

  1. You select your package - We are able to keep costs extremely low and provide top quality by packaging our conversion options. We can certainly modify packages upon request. A good rule of thumb is this: Anything is possible. The more custom you get with your build, the higher your cost will be.

  2. You schedule your free consultation to choose your custom features and explore whether or not Freedom Conversions is a good fit for you.

  3. You locate your van chassis - We can help you with this if needed. We’ve found that most people want to bring us their own van chassis because there are so many options available. Our packages are designed to be installed in the Mercedes Sprinter platform, but we can upfit just about whatever van you bring us through our custom conversion option.

  4. You deliver your chassis to us - We are located in Jacksonville, FL. For an additional fee, we can meet you at a location that is ideal for you to collect your van.

  5. We upfit your van according to your selected package and unique specifications. Most builds take between three and six months.

  6. You pick up your van!

Your path to freedom is only a click away. Schedule your free, no-obligation, zero-pressure design consultation today. Our design consultant will help you discover why Freedom Conversions is a better value than the competition. We’ll ask you what you’re to hoping accomplish and help you determine all of your options. We are happy to discuss features in our vans and pricing. We proudly upfit all of our vans in the United States.