Mom Blog Society: How a Conversion Van Changed a Mom's Daily Life

Mom Blog Society recently featured Freedom Conversions in an article that talks about conversion vans for moms that get the job done! From homeschooling to drive-throughs, our van conversions for families make life easier.

Conversion Van Florida - Freedom Conversions

Article excerpt:

I recently spent a few hours riding shotgun with Lesley Foltz, a middle-aged mother of six children (two of which are away at college) who has either fostered or adopted over 30 children with her husband Scott over the years. They live in a quaint neighborhood in Jacksonville, FL and that’s where my journey with Lesley began.

Lesley was driving her conversion van that’s she’s owned for about a year. It was bigger than a minivan and much smaller than a tiny RV. It was all black with tinted windows and had aftermarket wheels that looked like those you’d see on an SUV that someone decided to upgrade to the hilt. From the outside, her van was sleek and refined. The inside was cool, too.

“I will never not drive one of these again.” I had asked Lesley what she liked about her van as soon as I shut my passenger door. She was backing out of her driveway. “It’s just everything I need. I couldn’t ask for anything else in a van.” Check out the full article here.

Olivia Huggins