About Us

A call to serve others.

The Freedom story begins with inspiration from co-owner, Clint Drawdy’s wife, Jennifer. Facing a “new normal” after numerous GI surgeries, Jennifer battles chronic discomfort, frequency and urgency to use the restroom. This makes being away from the comfort of home very difficult. With four young children and a busy life to conquer, Clint went on a quest to find a van with a bathroom facility that could be driven almost anywhere, but he was unable to find a vehicle to fit their family’s needs.

The conversion companies he spoke with were sympathetic, but unable to help, so Clint built out a custom bathroom in a Mercedes Sprinter. Initially skeptical of the idea, Jennifer quickly fell in love with the new van and gained the freedom she longed for. Now, able to comfortably run errands, attend sporting events, tailgate and go on extended trips, Jennifer became the catalyst that launched Freedom Conversions into existence.

Freedom Conversions Black Van

Once Jennifer’s doctors learned of the Freedom Conversions concept, they urged the Drawdy’s to bring more vans to market. Since then, the ownership group has refined the build-out to meet or exceed even the most meticulous fit and finish standards in the custom vehicle market. With over three years of research and development under out belts, we’ve refined our core values to reflect the things that our customers want and what the industry has been lacking.

Our Core Values

  • Speed - We are faster. The industry standard time-frame for delivery for a custom conversion van is between six and twelve months. Our average fulfillment time is three to six months.

  • Simplicity - All of our vans are designed to be easy to use and reliable. We believe that our vans should be as simple to use as a common SUV.

  • Quality - If something is built well, it’s safer and will last a long time. Plus, quality means comfort. We do not skimp on quality from the components we install to the service we give you before, during, and long after your van is completed. That’s why we are big advocates of the Mercedes Sprinter chassis.

  • Integrity - We strive to be the best in our industry. We will work hard to do what is right if we ever fall short of your expectations at any point in your relationship with us.


Freedom Conversions builds custom conversion vans for anyone who wants to experience the high quality, high value traveling with ultimate convenience and comfort. Our initial mission was to provide solutions for people who had no options with regard to their medical limitations, and we still do that…and we’ve grown. We now offer van solutions for:

  • People who are into adventure, camping, and van living

  • Tailgaters, sports aficionados, and weekend cruisers

  • Long-distance travelers

  • Medical needs-based individuals and families

  • Large families, groups, churches, and schools

  • And many more

Our Leadership Team

Clint Drawdy

Co-Founder & CEO

Chad Perce

Co-Founder & COO

Scott Foltz

Production Director

Bryan Hassel

Finance Director

Ryan Winter

Marketing & Outreach Director